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To become the most searched and reliable wedding portal.


The paramount motive of the Shadisthan.com is to achieve the highest standards when it comes to search a soulmate. To create a platform which makes it easier finding your life partner.

Dr. Avadhesh Ojha HUF... Milestone

Year 1981

The first milestone of the Group was founded in this year by the name of Tax Publishers by Dr. Avadhesh Ojha.

Dr. Avadhesh Ojha, a Professor turned Entrepreneur, then realized the need of a Publication House which can furnish taxation specific knowledge in an easy–to-read language for professionals like CA, CS, CWA of India. Intensity of the inspiration was such that he dropped from the Govt. Services as a Professor of Physics and started publishing and catering Books and Journals to the Taxation Professionals.

Realizing self-centered motives of Book Sellers Dr. Ojha was the first to adopt in-house Sales Management System.

Year 2017

Dr. Ojha not only has established Tax Publishers but also made many significant changes apart from Good HR Practices in order to make it a renowned name in the segment. This has made him the most read Author amongst the Tax Practitioners community. He shifted from manual publishing practices to automated functions in early nineties, the time when computer was an amazing machine for the common mass and started serving the community through Electronic Media.

Realizing the high potential of Electronic products he has expanded into a separate entity called – CYBER KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS.

Year 2018

After successful 38 years of career as an Entrepreneur Dr. Ojha is still young to understand the necessity of diversification. He realized people face difficulties in finding a proper match for their Sons/Daughters due to:

  • Geographical distances
  • Inability to reach to more number of people
  • Print Media – A costly and localized approach
  • Available Portal Services offer costly services
  • Most of the Portal Services do not offer Customer Satisfaction

Realizing the above concerns Dr. Ojha is all set to lay the foundation of yet another Milestone...


Shadisthan.com is specifically designed to provide:

  • Boundless Geographies
  • Expanded Reach – enabling one to reach a City in specific; a State, Country or even NRIs settled all across Globe
  • Exhaustive Data base
  • Advanced Search Engine to facilitate easy search
  • Free to access

... All support to ensure utmost Customer Satisfaction

Shadisthan.com welcomes you to the world… Beyond Limits