Anybody who genuinely wants to get married can become a member on Shadisthan by simply registering himself/herself. Any other person can also register a profile on behalf of his/her son, daughter, sibling, relative or friend who is aspiring to get married.

No, it is purely a matrimonial only site for those who are intending to get married in near future.


Registration process is simple and free of cost. Just log on to and click the “Register Now” button. Thereafter, all you need is to fill up the form to get registered.

Yes, a person can register a profile on behalf of his/her son, daughter, sibling, relative or friend.

Yes, a valid e-mail address is vital to create a profile. Only one e-mail ID can be used for one profile. A different profile needs a different e-mail ID to get registered on

Yes, you can use the same mobile number for two profiles, provided that these profiles are of the member from the same family, or of a relative known to the member or his/her friend. But the use of identical mobile number is restricted to two profiles only.

Every registered profile on undergoes a necessary process of evaluation and screening of content and photographs, respectively. This process might take around 24 to 48 hours, before the profile gets listed in the search list

Information in detail about you enables us to communicate properly and as per your preferences to the interested parties. Moreover, sharing detailed information is also fruitful as it ensures better search-result of the likely matches. Further, detailed information also helps you to get connected to more number of members on Shadisthan, quite easily. Therefore we suggest you to fill up every particular of the registration form for your profile.

We do agree that filling up the registration form can be a tedious task, but decision of choosing a life partner is even more important, so detailed information about you is a must.

Verification of your mobile number ensures authenticity of your profile which in-turn boosts the response from members on

Please keep following points in your mind while creating a profile:

  • Don’t use this site for your own commercial purposes
  • Do not put any vulgar, pornographic, racist, sexiest, discriminatory or any other form of illegal or/and objectionable content
  • Please take cognizance of our ‘privacy policy’ and ‘terms and conditions’
  • Kindly provide your detailed information while creating the profile
  • After the activation of your profile, please fill in the partner’s preferences and upload your photograph

Login and Password

Simply click the ‘Login/Logout’ button appearing at the top right corner of the website.

Click on “Password Change” option which is there in the top right drop menu on your dashboard. A new window will open. Fill mandatory columns of your Old Password and New Password. After retyping the New Password click on “Save Changes”. Your new password will be activated immediately.

Search and Connect

Yes, online matchmaking is a boon for new age generation. A technological tool via which bride and groom can select their match in a better way.

You just need to follow these simple steps -

  1. Prepare your Detailed Personal Profile -
    Detailed information about you forms core of the successful search. Your expectations for the person you are searching as your potential life partner, is the basic fulcrum upon which a successful search of a probable life partner rests upon. Well written profiles have higher chances to get noticed. We suggest you to keep your profile detailed.
  2. Uploading your Profile Photo -
    Uploading a profile photo helps you to win trust of other members in your profile. Make sure your profile picture must be clearly visible and no group photos are recommended.
  3. Become a Premium Member -
    A premium member enjoys multiple benefits like your highlighted profile, facility to view other member’s contact detail, initiate chat, etc. but Free member cannot avail such benefits.
  4. Be Responsive -
    For this :
    1. a. Check your mail for messages and reply back as soon as possible
    2. b. Login to the site frequently for new members, You never know one of them may become your life partner

The benefits can be enjoyed by the paid members are mentioned hereunder -

  1. Profiles of premium members are approved at the earliest.
  2. They can send personal messages in their own words via email, messenger and SMS to other members. Communication made easy via email, messenger and SMS to other members
  3. Preference in the display of profile as their matrimonial advertisements
  4. Facility to upload the photos in the photo gallery
  5. They can also view contact details of members who have allowed viewing contact details

Since we allow our free registered members to access the profile of other members on Shadisthan even before obtaining the paid membership. Hence refund in general is disallowed. However discretion authority remains with the management of Shadisthan

All email messages generated by the site are sent to the registered email address of the member.

Membership request gets approved within the period of 2-3 working days. Approval of your registered profile will be informed through email/SMS on your registered e-mail id/ mobile number.

Go to the Membership Plan page and then click on select plan button of the one you are interested into.

An upgraded plan offers you additional features only and access to the number of contacts are also more however data remains the same in all the plans. Hence, if you are willing to upgrade into a better plan shift only when the total number of contacts are consumed.

You just write your registered email id in the column and click on Forgot Your Password button on Login Page. Your password will be conveyed to your registered email id.

Login at Go to your Dashboard and go to the Profile Image page. The button to upload photo shall appear on the screen. Click on the button and follow the instructions.

The email address is editable but please contact Customer Support Executive to request for the change.

Only profile ID is displayed on Shadisthan. Your name will display on your Dashboard after login but other members will not be able to see your name.

No, it is not compulsory but connecting your social media accounts to Shadisthan account helps interested members to know you more and improves your chance to get your life mate early