Safety Tips

Things you must beware of before you connect with others:

(You are now registered with us, your profile is going through a screening process)

  • If a user is found to have submitted false and/or incorrect personal information, please mark the profile as ‘Report Misuse’ and do not ever contact in future.
  • Any user asking for personal gains such as Goods dispatch, funds deposit in their personal account or on their behalf, money lending etc. please ‘Report Misuse’ and stop all future interactions.
  • Beware of fake/replica sites appearing similar to that of ours i.e. but are not anyway related to Always check URL ( every time when you log in and even at the time of Registration.
  • You may be prompted by the Representatives of these fake/replica sites to deposit money in their account in the name of membership and/or registration. Please note that registration is absolutely free on our site. Be cautious and inform to our Customer Service if you come across an event like this.
  • Beware of people, pretending to be or not from Shadisthan, asking you for your user id and password registered at either on phone or in person. Please note that Team Shadisthan never asks you for password details.
  • Never share your Bank details, Credit/Debit Card Pin numbers or password for online banking to anyone. Representatives of never asks for such details.
  • It is advisable to arrange personal meetings with prospects at a safer place, members in the family and/or friends should also be informed well before.
  • A thorough background analysis is advised before getting engaged into any commitment.
  • is simply a place for people to search for prospective Brides and Grooms and to contact and exchange information. Users therefore are strictly advised to verify background of the prospects found on portal personally before making any content based decision of any profile. User shall be solely responsible for the authenticity of the information provided in a profile, do not hold any responsibility of its genuineness.

If in case you happen to face similar kind of a situation or witness a fictitious profile, inform Customer Service immediately on the following contact details: